Major Renovations CAD Offer – The advantages of CAD

CAD Reimbursement With Major Renovations, Inc. Contract.

In the video, Mark Explains his CAD drawing offer.

Landscape Design in Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon and Bala, Ontario

Yard and Garden Renovations

Landscape Design is one of the primary summer specialties of Mark Major and Major Renovations. If you are wanting to increase the curb appeal of your Cottage Country home or cottage, either for the purpose of turning the property, or for your own inner peace, Make sure you contact Mark Major, for the best available professionals in the area.

Home Renovation Provides Your Greatest Return On Investment

Home Renovation is Your Best Investment

Your Home real property is quite likely your greatest asset, unless you are well into the top of the 99th percentile in incomes in North America. If you have a home renovation projects in Huntsville, Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph, Bracebridge or  other location in Cottage Country Ontario, Major Renovatins should be your choice for .making your vision come to life.  For more information, contact Mark, at 705.294.0411.

Exterior Renovations, Cottage Country

 Exterior Renovations are the Key to Curb appeal. From Newmarket to the northern reaches of Cottage Country Ontario, you can access the skills of the professionals at Major Renovations, Inc. Our President, Mark Major provides the CAD design service personally, and supervises and ensures satisfactory completion of every job we do. Visit our website and Facebook Page to learn more.

Major Renovations/Bathroom-Renovation

One of the most popular rooms for a home renovation project is the bathroom. There are many reasons for the popularity of the bathroom upgrade. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is that any money invested in the project is usually completely recouped in the value of the home when the owner decides to sell. Homeowners in Newmarket, Barrie, Orillia and the rest of cottage country Ontario choose to renovate their master bathrooms or other bathrooms in the house because it improves both their property value, and their current lifestyle. And Major Renovations, Inc, is the best option for your renovation in the area. Read more…



Major Renovations, Inc

If you live in the Lakes Region of Ontario, north of Innisfil, and need to find a reliable contractor, you can’t beat Major Renovations, Inc. Have a look at some of Mark Major’s excellent results here on our video. and call Mark at 705.294.0411 For a CAD Based Custom estimate. You’ll know precisely what you are getting into, because Major Renovations Is Precise.

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Major Renovations, Inc Kitchen Renovations on Your Budget

The old adage “nothing sells homes like Kitchens and Bathrooms” is proven fact. It’s true that old cabinets, rated backsplash and appliances, 20th century tile patterns and vanities, can all be a turn off for a prospective buyer. On the other hand, when you update your kitchen or bathrooms you present an entirely different first image for the home shopper, or for that matter, your company, even if the rest of the house is not up to the same standards. Because of the high end cost of the appliances and furnishings and the skill level that is required for proper installation, there is no wonder that these areas of the home are among the most costly to renovate. Major Renovations, Inc, can provide services in cottage country, for renovations on any budget. While investment in these rooms is sure to yield a return both in your home’s value and in the enjoyment of your home. I can make some suggestions for cost effective improvements in these areas. Read More…


Optimize Your Space for your Basement Renovation


If your ready to make a cost effective addition to your living space in Newmarket,  Barrie, Orillia, Brechen, Wasaga Beach, Midland or Port Severn Ont, in Cottage Country Canada, the best and most cost effective place to start the process may well be downstairs in the basement. Renovations in the Basement have proven over and again to be the most cost effective way to add casual living area for the Family. That is because the existing foundation and structure can be utilized, reducing the overall cost per square foot when compared to an addition of new living space. And Major Renovations, Inc will provide the best contractor service available in the region, helping you to transform even the most dreary basement space into something you can be proud of. Read More…